SEI Day #29 Update: Students on the Way Home!

SEI Day #28 Update: East Coast Travel Week Day 4
August 9, 2018
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November 28, 2018

SEI Day #29 Update: Students on the Way Home!

This morning, SEI staff safely escorted all of the East Coast Travel Week students to the airport to fly home or to their new WAnet American school. Many of the students are still in-flight as you receive this.

On behalf of WAnet & SEI Director Benjamin Euler, other SEI leadership staff, teachers, RTAs, and support staff, we would like to thank you for entrusting your student with us for the last month.

The mission of SEI is to help international students lay a strong foundation for a bright future.

Our staff has enjoyed fulfilling that mission over the past month with SEI students. We know it’s a significant investment to send your child around the world to the United States for nearly a month, and we appreciate your faith in our staff to not only keep them safe and well cared for, but to also teach them how to be more confident, improve their English, and build their character. We trust the last weeks at SEI have helped your son or daughter prepare for their next steps in life.

So please enjoy having your son or daughter back home, and ask them about their experience at SEI. Next week we will follow up with a request for feedback from you, the parents, as we are always looking to refine and improve the SEI experience for students and parents.

Thank you!