SEI Daily Update #2

SEI Daily Update #1
7月 13, 2019
SEI Daily Update #3
7月 15, 2019

SEI Daily Update #2

Orientation Helps Students Start Strong

After a long flight, students were thankful for a quiet and relaxing morning. Research has demonstrated that rested students perform better in the classroom, and at SEI, we always strive to prepare our students for excellence. Many students took time to sleep, read, spend time with their new friends, or play soccer and basketball outside. 

The excitement began in the afternoon! RTAs and Student Life staff led students on a tour of the CBU campus today to help them feel prepared to navigate their new environment. Along the way, students participated in many activities designed to help them learn more about dorm rules, personal health, and what to expect as SEI students. As a staff, we are all glad and thankful to see students feeling at home already. 

Expert Teachers, Thorough Preparation

At SEI, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence in all things. This philosophy of excellence is foundational to our staff of teachers. This year, our SEI faculty brings a high level of experience and expertise, both with respect to SEI itself and their own professional careers. Our staff is comprised of specialists across a broad spectrum, from middle-school language development teachers to college professors with MFAs. As specialists and professional educators, our teachers prioritize research-based methods and strategies designed to target the needs of their SEI students. For months, our teachers have worked diligently to create curriculum that meets SEI’s high standards for rigor, student engagement, and skill development. Teachers have also used technology to meet and collaborate, because we believe that the only thing better than one expert is many experts. Their hard work has all led to today–and they can’t wait to get started tomorrow. 

Community Time Begins! 


This afternoon, students got to experience their first Community Time. The excitement in the room was high as students entered. We love Community Time at SEI because it gives us the opportunity to connect with students as a group, and to help them connect with one another. 

To kick off our first ever Community Time, Mr. Benjamin Euler, the Director of SEI welcomed all students and challenged them to take full advantage of their time at SEI. He challenged students to give their best effort while at SEI. “The more effort you put into SEI, the more benefit you’ll receive from SEI,” he said. “There are two things you can control every day at SEI: your effort and your attitude. Will you give your best effort? Will you display a positive attitude? If you give your very best in those two areas, SEI is going to be an amazing experience for you!” Students left feeling energized and prepared for tomorrow. 

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