SEI Daily Update #4

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July 15, 2019
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July 17, 2019

SEI Daily Update #4

Classes & Clubs Begin!

Off to a Strong Start

Today, students experienced their first day of classes at SEI. In each academic day, there are six class periods. The students participate in both English Elective courses and Core English classes. SEI offers a wide variety of classes including English, Math, Science, History, Robotics, Life Skills, Communication, Improv & Drama, Creative Writing, and more. At SEI, students are sharpening their English language abilities while learning how to adapt to a completely new culture–both of which are critical to the future success of our students.

Class Spotlight: Core English


Điểm tin lớp học: Lớp tiếng Anh cốt lõi

The foundation of SEI students’ academic experience is the Core English class. Students spend a two-period block to spend dedicated time to hone their English skills with a small group of students at the same level of language skill. Our English teachers are dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure that this time is spent so that students are actively and effectively learning and developing skills. 

An excellent example of the SEI approach is Mrs. Krogh’s intermediate English class, where students are, in Mrs. Krogh’s words, “reading, writing, speaking, thinking, moving, and interacting every day.” This year, her class will center on Treasure Island, a classic novel adapted to the level of her students. Students will also participate in daily discussions, journal entry writing, a field trip, and many games designed to review vocabulary. Mrs. Krogh’s class is well-known at SEI for being both challenging and fun–and this year looks to be no exception! 

Clubs Begin


Các hoạt động câu lạc bộ bắt đầu!

In the afternoon, students also participated in their first day of clubs. Whether a student enjoys being inside or outside, SEI offers a club for everyone. Each week students choose a new club, and this gives them a chance to expand their interests and try new things. Clubs include Arts & Crafts, Basketball, Outdoor American Sports, Music that Made America, American Board Games, Pixar Short Films, and more.

Special Guests

SEI students had the privilege of meeting and getting to know two special guests from Wheaton Academy today. Mrs. Kori Hockett, Principal, and Mr. Matt Hockett, a long-time teacher, Fine Arts Department head and Digital Communications Director at Wheaton Academy. During Community Time, Mr. Euler interviewed Mr. and Mrs. Hockett during a special “Fireside Chat,” which gives students the opportunity to meet and learn from experienced and interesting guests. Students were encouraged with some practical ways to better prepare themselves for studying in the United States, such as immersing themselves in the English language as much as possible. We are thankful for the Hockett’s visit to SEI and look forward to students hearing from other guest speakers during their time at SEI. 

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