SEI Daily Update #12

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July 23, 2019
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July 25, 2019

SEI Daily Update #12

Growing with Guidance 


Receiving intentional support and guidance from a caring adult can make a world’s difference in a student’s life. Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child released a study saying, “Every child who winds up doing well has had at least one stable and committed relationship with a supportive adult.” At SEI, this relationship is fostered through the one-on-one mentoring program led by our staff. These mentors are ideally equipped since many of them have experienced and successfully navigated the challenges of adolescence. 

This year, 16 students are participating in our mentor program, in which they meet individually with an adult staff member multiple times per week. Each mentor and their student begin their time together by discussing challenges or specific goals the student wants to achieve during their time at SEI. In order for the relationship to be beneficial and sustainable, each pair sets intentional meeting times throughout the week to touch base and follow up on their goals. These meetings also serve as excellent opportunities for students to practice speaking English with a trusted, encouraging adult. 

Legendary Historical Learning

Five sections of history classes are offered at SEI: The Eagle and the Dragon, Current Events, and three sections of American History. All five history courses are taught by SEI veteran teacher, Mr. Dennis Abline. A full-time history teacher with years of experience in North Carolina as well as Hong Kong, South Korea, and Egypt, Mr. Abline is passionate about helping students become more interested in the past and its influence on the present. He hopes that with this knowledge, his students will have a greater impact on the modern world. 

Mr. Abline is known for bringing history to life in his classes through activities, role play, and discussions. Mr. Abline regularly uses simulations in his classes as a way to build students’ empathy and make more of a lasting impact. 

Getting to Know CBU 

WA Global Network is excited to partner with California Baptist University for the fourth consecutive year. Students enjoy the collegiate atmosphere, modern classroom facilities, and delicious food! In fact, the CBU campus has some very impressive rankings. CBU is ranked by as the #2 best college campus in California, the #2 best college food in California, and #3 best dorms in California. Students at SEI truly get to learn on one of the best college campuses in America. 

Staying here on the CBU campus also allows students to better visualize what it might be like to study at a highly-ranked American university like CBU. Out of a total enrollment of over 10,000 students, CBU currently has over 200 international students from over 30 different countries. International students receive excellent care and attention from the CBU office of international students. Our California location is an exciting bonus for students as they enjoy the natural beauty, bright sunshine, and vibrant local culture. 

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