SEI Daily Update #22

SEI Daily Update #21
August 2, 2019
SEI Update #23
August 4, 2019

SEI Daily Update #22

East Coast Travel, Day 1

After a late night of saying goodbyes and sharing memories, 86 SEI students and 18 staff members arose early in the morning to catch their 5.5-hour flight to Boston for the first day of the East Coast Travel Week. While travel days can be exhausting, students enjoyed a chance to sleep on the flight and catch up on rest before their second travel week begins. Upon landing in Boston, the staff and students had a quick dinner at the airport and checked into their hotel before evening. Due to the time difference on the East Coast (3 hours ahead of the West Coast) it is important that students get readjusted to a healthy sleeping schedule before the traveling continues. Students will be well-rested for our big college visits to Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the morning.


More Than Just a Camp…

“I am so thankful to be at SEI and to meet the nicest people I have ever met.” – Eric

“I made new friends here, and I’m so thankful for the RTAs and staff members for creating a beautiful place like SEI.” – Fairy

“Thanks to all the RTAs – you guys are amazing. I am a big fan of you because I know you are university students but you are all so grown up and amazing. I am seventeen now, and I want to be like you.” – Mia

“I really want to say thank you to the teachers because they taught me a lot of new things. They taught me to discover more about myself.” – Rosie

“Sometimes I miss my home, but SEI and all the RTAs bring me the feeling of home. I also want to appreciate the teachers, especially Mr Cochrum and Mr Himmelberger. They show me that classes are not always boring, but can be fun, and even crazy.” – Henry

“Four years ago I came to SEI, and now I’m back here again as a teacher’s assistant and translator. When I look at you I feel like I wasn’t that mature, I wasn’t that responsible, I wasn’t that smart. I think that four years later, you will be brighter, more mature, and you will have a stronger future as well.” – Ms. Chen

“I will miss SEI. It was a great experience and my first time to be in America. I met different people from different countries who are amazing people. I will really miss SEI, all my RTAs, and all my classmates and friends.” – Sylvia

“At SEI you can make a hundred new friends, and practice your English communication. I hope you enjoy the great memories at SEI because you will never forget it.” – Hans

“It’s been a meaningful journey for me. At SEI I improved my English abilities and I met many new friends. I wish I could go to SEI next year.” – Gary

“I want to thank all of you for coming to SEI and working so hard. I cannot imagine coming to a different country when I was your age and speaking a new language the entire time. I am so impressed by all the work that you have done, and the bravery and perseverance you show. Special thanks to my guys, you were amazing and thank you for being such good friends. I will miss you all so much.” – Mr. Carlson