Apply to a School

Before You Apply

Before you apply, you will need electronic copies of the following:

  1. Passport
  2. 3-5 Pictures of the Student (including one headshot picture)
  3. Academic Transcripts from the current and past year (or starting with at least 9th grade)
  4. English Test Results, such as TOEFL or iTEP SLATE Plus
  5. A working credit card to make the $375 application fee payment

If you have any questions about these requirements, please check the Contact Us.

The Application Process

1) Submit an Application

The student must complete an application in one of two ways:

  1. Online Form
  2. Paper Version (scanned and emailed to

The application requires responses generated by the student and parents of the student. Applications with content generated by someone other than the student will be disregarded.

At the end of the application form, the $375 application fee must be paid by credit card. If a paper copy of the application is submitted, a separate link will be emailed to the student or student’s representative.

2) Complete Video Chat Interview

Once the application, application fee, and all supporting materials have been received, a Skype or WeChat video interview will be scheduled for the student.

The student’s parents should also be available to talk after the student has interviewed.

The student interview lasts between 45-60 minutes. No preparation is required by the student.

3) Receive Admissions Result

An admissions decision will take between 3-10 business days. The student or student’s representative will be contacted with the admissions decision as soon as possible.

If accepted, the student will receive:

  • An official acceptance letter
  • The Enrollment Contract
  • Any additional forms the school needs signed

4) Sign Enrollment Contract and Make Payment

The student’s family will have 10 calendar days to accept or reject the admissions offer. This will be communicated by returning the signed enrollment contract and making the required deposit within the 10 calendar day period.

If the student is accepted after May 1, quicker action may be required.

5) Obtain Your F-1 Visa

The school will issue and physically mail the I-20 Form to the student’s home address. The I-20 Form is the form which allows the student to schedule an F-1 Student Visa appointment at their local U.S. Consulate or Embassy.

The family should schedule the visa appointment right away.

6) Make Final Payment

Any remaining payment is due within 10 calendar days after successfully passing their F-1 Visa appointment. Failure to make full payment within this period may result in cancellation of the student’s I-20.

7) Submit Travel Details

The student’s family should purchase flights to America and let WA Global Network know of the student’s travel plans.

8) Arrive in America for SEI

WA Global Network staff will be at the airport to welcome each student for the start of the Summer English Institute (SEI), the orientation program for each student entering a WA Global Network school.

9) Begin at your School

At the end of SEI, the student will fly to their new school and begin life with their host family and classes at their school. WA Global Network will purchase and coordinate all travel arrangements from SEI to the school and ensure a smooth transition takes place.

Ready to Apply?

Apply Using Paper Form: English, Vietnamese