Visit Week

Wheaton Academy Visit Week

The enrollment period for the 2019-2020 school year at Wheaton Academy has begun! This year, October 1-6, 2018 is Wheaton Academy’s Homecoming Week.

We sincerely invite all students and parents interested in Wheaton Academy to come to our school to have an unforgettable “Golden Week”.


During this week, you can meet American students, experience American education, and reach out to American host families.

We invite Chinese families to come visit to:

  • Visit the Wheaton High School Campus
  • Enter the classroom
  • Participate in a study abroad program for students and parents
  • Visit to visit Northwestern University ( 11th in the US)
  • Visit the community and host families around the school
  • Watch the Wheaton High School Student Choir Performance and Symphony Orchestra
  • Watch the Wheaton High School team football match and the “Back to School” fireworks

We hope to provide you with an opportunity to experience authentic American education and have a close contact with the school’s admissions officers and university counselors.


  • Mainly for current students from the first to the third day ( 12 to 14 year old students).If you have a preparatory class or an older student interested in this event, please contact us by private message.
  • Have a certain level of English proficiency (can speak in English easily and have more than three years of English learning experience)
  • The number of events: 12 families only

Activity cost  

$1,890 per family ( student can accompany free of charge )


  • Three meals a day (breakfast provided by the hotel)
  • Hampton Inn Hilton Hampton Inn Standard Twin Room
  • The whole bus transfer fee in the United States
  • If parents are interested in applying for Wheaton or Wheaton Union schools after attending this event, the application fee will be waived.

Note: Does not include round-trip airfare from China to the United States and US consulate visa fees

Parent Seminars

(Depending on the interests and needs of each family, there may be adjustments)

Theme 1: The concept and practice of Western education

Topic 2: How to prepare for university entry: some basic core competencies that our students should have

Topic 3: How to improve reading skills (prepare for standardization exams)

Topic 4: How to succeed in university applications

Topic 5: Challenges and gains in the first year of Wheaton High School (to meet with international students currently studying at Wheaton High School)

  ways of registration  

Step 1 : Fill out and submit the online registration form and provide the required documents (eg passport copy and previous school year transcript)

Step 2 : Pay for the event via remittance or credit card

Step 3 : Receive an official confirmation. Get a formal invitation.

Registration deadline : Monday, September 10, 2018, afternoon (China time)

(If parents want to know more about this event, parents are welcome to consult the Wheaton Alliance Admissions Officer)