Pre-Conference Workshops

2019 Pre-Conference Workshops

Monday, October 19 from 2:00-5:00 PM

Constructing an ESL Program with E-Learning In Mind

ELL Coordinator and International Student Advisor
Wheaton Academy, West Chicago, IL

During our pre-symposium session, we will focus on the foundational elements needed to construct a solid ESL class/program especially in light of moving to an E-Learning format. Our time together will be spent addressing the specific academic English needs of students and ways to create curriculum that seeks to support learning outcomes both in the classroom and online. The format of the session will be workshop oriented and provide time to evaluate your unique teaching situation and how to apply the principles you learn. Registrants will need to come prepared with some completed pre-session materials that will be provided ahead of time, as well as specific information regarding their teaching context.

Recruiting International Students in a COVID-19 reality

By James Brannon and David Rivera
WA Global Network Director of Recruitment and International Guidance Counselor and Recruiter.

COVID-19 and the international response to it have upended typical marketing strategies for international student programs across the United States. Innovative and creative ways to engage overseas markets have never been more important, not only for our current reality but also for the future. Join James Brannon and David Rivera – the marketing and student recruitment team for WA Global Network – as they share specific, practical takeaways on how to develop an online recruitment strategy that fits the moment – and beyond.

Available Online

The following pre-conference session is available to view online with every ISPC registration

12 Essentials of an Excellent International Program

By Brenda Vishanoff, Director of International Students
Wheaton Academy, West Chicago, IL

Join Brenda Vishanoff for an extended afternoon seminar to learn and discuss 12 critical aspects to developing and running an excellent international student program. This seminar is applicable for schools with programs at all phases of development.  Strategic planning and development will be discussed throughout this seminar and recommendations will be made for participants who want to learn more about specific topics throughout the symposium.