ISPC Sessions & Presenters


  1. What do you do WHEN …?
  2. 10 Mistakes I Made as an ISP Director
  3. Preparing Your Students for Success at the Summer English Institute
  4. An Introduction to the F-1 Visa and SEVP Certification
  5. Intermediate F-1 Topics, SEVP Updates & Q&As
  6. Admissions Strategies
  7. ACSI International Student Program Endorsement
  8. So, Your High School Wants to Work with International Recruiting Agents
  9. Unconference Session for Admissions: A Facilitated Discussion
  10. Diving Deeper: Where Homestay Programs Go From Here


  1. Inservice/Professional Training Designed to Prepare Faculty to Teach ELLs
  2. Supporting English Language Learners in Reading Across the Curriculum
  3. Teaching Science to International Students and Why Your Faculty Should Love Teaching International Students
  4. Creating Curriculum with Resources On Hand
  5. Thoughtful Curriculum and Student Engagement Planning for the International Student
  6. Vocabulary: Teaching Academic Language Across Content Areas
  7. Undesirable Realities in College: What Christian School Teachers Need to Know
  8. 10 Things Principals Should Know and Do to Support an International Program

Globalizing Your School

  1. Developing a Global Studies Certificate Program on Your Campus
  2. Recruiting and Training your Staff for Outbound Travel
  3. Covering the World: Determining Scope and Sequence of International Travel
  4. Developing a Long Term Vision for Outbound Service Learning
  5. Embedding an International Student Program into the Fabric of Your School Culture
  6. Advocacy in International Education (advancing your international program into your institutional culture)
  7. Intercultural Communication

Host Parents

  1. Recruiting, Training and Evaluating your Host Family Team
  2. Equipping your Students for Success: Understanding Chinese Cultural Differences that Affect the Student Experience
  3. What We Think Makes a Great Host Family! (Led by Students)
  4. Why Do They Come?
  5. Joining Stories: Building Relationships with Trust
  6. Supporting the Host Family Through an After School Study Hour Program
  7. Q&A: What does “Effective” Look Like for My Program?

Student Life

  1. A Student Services Team Approach to Medical and Mental Health Needs of International Students
  2. 4 Difficult Situations That Actually Happened and How We Worked Through Them
  3. 10 Strategies for Communicating with Chinese Parents
  4. Successes and Challenges Making American Friends
  5. A First Year Program for International College Freshmen
  6. Unconference Session for Health and Counseling: A Facilitated Discussion
  7. Give Your International Student Leaders a Voice!

Bible / Discipleship

  1. Meaningful Spiritual Conversations with International Students
  2. Creating a Kingdom Community of Learning: How to build and sustain a safe and honoring classroom for international students to learn about the Bible And a Biblical Worldview
  3. Teaching a Christ Centered Biblical Worldview as a means of introducing the Gospel to international students.
  4. Case Studies of International Students on a Faith Journey
  5. Q&A about Teaching Worldview, Discipleship, and Bible to International Students
  6. Growing in our Faith and Adjusting to American Christianity (Led by Students)
  7. Teaching Biblical Literacy to ELLs

Speed Sessions

Each speed session will be asking the question: “How might we best…”

  1. Keep our board up to date on the challenges, successes, and opportunities in our ISP?
  2. Avoid the pitfalls of international students bringing their own insurance plans?
  3. Use WeChat to share our school story with Chinese parents?
  4. Advise students on immigration issues so they are best prepared for higher education?
  5. Deliver a comprehensive 4 year university counseling plan to international students?
  6. Say goodbye to our international students and their families well at graduation?
  7. Provide new international student orientation in creative and fresh ways?
  8. Learn to pray for our international students?
  9. Meet the needs of international GIRLS in the host home?
  10. Meet the unique needs of BOYS in the host home?
  11. Learn from lessons of first year hosting?
  12. Provide food in the host home that our international students love?
  13. Disciple our international students through life in our home?
  14. Bridge the gap between American culture and international programs?