ISPC Topics & Sessions

Topics & Sessions

The following are sample sessions of the over 50 unique sessions which will be offered in 2018. The full list will be made available and sent out to registered participants in advance of the conference.


  1. 10 Mistakes I Made as an ISP Director
  2. Benefits of Adding Diversity to Your International Program
  3. Communicating the Vision: Perspectives on the World Christian Movement: How encouraging faculty and staff to participate in a local Perspectives class could help cultivate a Kingdom focus on your campus.
  4. What would you do?  Sorting out Sticky Situations
  5. Leading Change: A Case Study
  6. Communicating Effectively with Agents
  7. Working in a One-Person International Student Program Office
  8. Recruiting International Students in a Changing Industry


  1. Professional Training Designed to Prepare Faculty to Teach ELLS
  2. Academic Vocabulary and Reading Strategies
  3. Activities and Classroom Strategies that Build Confidence and Engage ESL Learners
  4. Teaching Science to International Students and Why Your Faculty Should Love Teaching International Students
  5. Creating Curriculum with Resources On Hand
  6. A comprehensive 4 year plan to international student university counseling
  7. Adjusting academic curriculum
  8. Vocabulary: Teaching Academic Language Across Content Areas, Part 1
  9. Syntax: Teaching Academic Language Across Content Areas, Part 2
  10. Discourse: Teaching Academic Language Across Content Areas, Part 3

Host Parents

  1. Recruiting, training and evaluating your host family team
  2. Equipping your students for success: Understanding Chinese Cultural differences that affect the student experience
  3. The incredible opportunity of being a host parent
  4. Improving Relationships Between International Students and the Host Family
  5. What we think makes a great host family! (Led by Students)

Student Life

  1. Communicating about Culture Shock: symptoms and strategies to share with to your students in order to help them normalize their experiences, grow, and adjust well.
  2. Partnering with Parents
  3. I Really Want an American Friend: Building a Student Life Program
  4. Developing a Global Ambassador Program
  5. Teaching American Culture
  6. Students & Community connections: Connecting your international students with local international student ministries and community partnerships
  7. The Chinese student lens: Understanding Chinese student expectations as they come to study in America
  8. Common concerns of Chinese parents and how to respond
  9. Stories and Conversation on Leadership and Service with International Students
  10. Sending off senior students well
  11. Part II: “Improving Relationships Between International Students and their U.S. Peers”
  12. Stories and Conversation on Leadership and Service with International Students
  13. Embedding an International Student Program into the Fabric of Your School Culture
  14. American Culture

Bible / Discipleship

  1. Communicating the Gospel Cross Culturally: Empowering Students to Share
  2. Meaningful Spiritual Conversations with Int’l Students
  3. Equipping Students to Lead Seeker Studies
  4. Casting Kingdom Vision for Your Campus
  5. Reason To Believe: Introducing Int’l Students to an Authentic Christ-Centered Life
  6. Christ-Centered Differentiation: Meeting the Spiritual Needs of International Students Through Christ-Centered Spritiual Formation
  7. Teaching a Christ Centered Biblical Worldview as a means of introducing the Gospel to international students
  8. Case studies of international students on a faith journey
  9. Q and A about Teaching Worldview, Discipleship, and Bible to International Students


  1. ACSI International Student Program Endorsement