ISPC Sessions & Presenters

Keynote Sessions

  1. LewerMark Sponsor Presentation
  2. Student and Exchange Visitor Program Update: F-1 Student Numbers and COVID Guidance


  1. ISP Director Panel
  2. International (F-1) Student Lifecycle for Private K-12 Schools
  3. ACSI International Student Program Endorsement
  4. 10 Things Principals Should Know and Do to Support an International Program amidst COVID-19


  1. Creating E-Learning Curriculum with Resources On Hand
  2. Creating a Kingdom Community of Learning: How to Build and Sustain a Safe and Honoring Classroom for International Students to Learn about the Bible and a Biblical Worldview
  3. Chinese Students and E-Learning in the Age of COVID-19

Student Care & Support

  1. Unconference Session for Health and Counseling during COVID 19: A Facilitated Discussion
  2. 10 Strategies for Communicating with Chinese Parents
  3. Give Your International Student Leaders a Voice!
  4. Meaningful Spiritual Conversations with International Students

Admissions/Host Parents/Other

  1. Understanding the Broader International Recruitment Market
  2. Recruiting International Students in a COVID-19 reality
  3. Retaining and Encouraging Your Host Families During this Time
  4. Don’t Give Up! A Facilitated Discussion on International Education
  5. The Future of International Higher Education: What Your Program Needs to Know
  6. So, You Want to Work with International Recruiting Agents