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An Engaging Learning Community

Students improve their English in the SEI Community

Classes at SEI are unlike anything students have ever experienced. At SEI, we believe learning should be engaging, active, participatory, and fun! Because students are so engaged in their classes, not only does their English improve tremendously, but they build confidence and critical 21st century skills, which we call the 6 C’s and Leadership:

  • Communication Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Computer/Technology Competence
  • Leadership


“Hollywood vs History”

This course explores the relationship between classic Hollywood movies and modern Western history. By examining films in their historical context, students will learn how movies express and/or challenge cultural values in modern history.


“Just Add Music”  [ learning English through music, rap, and poetry ]

In this course, we will learn English through its use of lyrics whether they are set to music or created as poems. In this class we will analyze popular songs and classic examples of both Western and Eastern poetry in order to make meaningful connections between our first language and those that we are working to learn.


“East Meets West”

In this interactive course, students are introduced to the modern history of US involvement in Asia. Starting with the End of World War 2, students are introduced to US involvement in the Korean and Vietnam Wars as well as the Chinese Civil War. Readings, video clips as well as debate will be utilized. Get ready!


“My World [ an intro to written journalism and podcasting to explore issues in the world around us ]

Good writing can change the world. In this course we will look at the stories and issues that surround our daily lives. Through the acquisition of written and spoken English, we will learn how to let others into our personal worlds through the meaningful ways we communicate the stories that are near and dear to us.

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