Arrival & Departure


  • Students arrive at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Friday, July TBD, 2019.


  • For students on the West Coast Travel Week, they depart on Monday, August TBD, 2019 from San Francisco (SFO Airport).
  • For students on the East Coast Travel Week, they depart on Friday, August TBD, 2019 from New York City (JFK Airport).

Daily Schedule



A chance to relax and refresh in beautiful southern California

Each Saturday, students have the opportunity to CHOOSE their activity for the day. Students can choose from 3 or 4 options that interest them the most, as they explore all the amazing sights that California has to offer.




Water Park

Travel Weeks

Visit top American cities, universities, and attractions

At the end of the academic portion of SEI, students and staff travel to famous American cities to see famous universities and attractions. SEI offers travel to the West Coast (San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco) as well as the East Coast (Boston and New York).

West Coast Travel Week

August TBD

San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco

East Coast Travel Week

August TBD

Boston, New York City

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