Daily Schedule

The group will have 3 online lessons per day (3 hours in total), 1 hour per lesson:

Core English: Classes are grouped according to students’ English ability. By reading novels, students will focus on improving English reading, writing and communication skills.

Interest courses: Classes are grouped according to students’ learning interests. Students will explore their hobbies and future learning direction. Interest courses include: engineering and conceptual physics.*

Advisory Group: A mentor/coaching group led by a teacher to support students in academics, future goal setting, school culture, and leadership. The advisory group provides space for teachers and classmates to establish good relationships, and helps students enhance self-awareness and self confidence.

*The above course options are for reference. The final course is specified by the number of students enrolled.


Historic Landmarks


Water Park

Past Travel Weeks

In past years, at the end of the academic portion of SEI, students and staff traveled to famous American cities to see famous universities and attractions. SEI offered travel to the West Coast (San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco) as well as the East Coast (Washington DC and New York).

West Coast Travel Week

SEI 2019: July 26-31

San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco

East Coast Travel Week

SEI 2019: July 31-August 5

Washington DC, New York City

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