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The teachers and staff at the Summer English Insitute are recruited from all around the United States. They include university students, certified and  experienced high school teachers at some of the top private high schools in the country, businessmen, businesswomen, and university professors. All employees are carefully screened and interviewed to ensure only the most qualified and trustworthy people are working with SEI students.

SEI is proud to have many returning employees each year, providing incredibly valuable continuity from year to year. Our staff truly cares about each and every student and loves getting to know students and challenging them to improve. Every employee is not only equipped with the experience and training for their role, but are also a role model for students to imitate.

The SEI leadership and staff is committed to making SEI one of the most memorable and valuable months of our students’ lives each summer.

Meet the Teachers for Online SEI

Engaging, collaborative, and caring



Mr. Skeba is currently a teacher in the Chicagoland area. In addition to his teaching responsibilities during the school year, Mr. Skeba also teaches yoga to adults of all ages and is an avid writer, tutor and speaker.

Why did you decide to pursue teaching?

Mr. Skeba decided to pursue teaching full-time after realizing the powerful impact that a single relationship can have. BY forming relationships with his students, Mr. Skeba works to unlock the power of each student’s voice and creativity. He considers himself very lucky to do the work he does.


Outside of work, the three hobbies that comprise my time are yoga, hiking, and flamenco guitar. Regular practice of these hobbies keeps Mr. Skeba feeling fresh, connected and creative.

Fun Fact:

Mr. Skeba has been all over the world. With the exception of Antarctica, Mr. Skeba has visited or worked on every continent.




Dennis Abline is currently a high school World History Teacher in North Carolina. 

Why did you decide to pursue teaching?

Mr. Abline entered the teaching profession because of my passion for history and my love of kids.


Mr. Abline enjoys reading, working out, and watching scary movies.

Fun Fact:

He has taught on three continents and has visited over 25 separate countries. 

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