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“One of the main things I learned is how to become friends with others. After SEI, I now know how to make real friends and am not nervous to make new friends at my American school.”

Annie, SEI 2017

“SEI not only improved my English, but it taught me how to be a better person. The RTAs treated me as though I was their brother.”

Tony, SEI 2017

“SEI helped to develop my independence and improve my English. Our time together was too short!”

Angela, SEI 2017

“I met so many friends from so many countries and I am so thankful!”

Phillip, SEI 2017

“I really enjoyed all of my classes and the games at Community Time. I also learned how to respect others and treat them well.”

Yiva, SEI 2017

“I am really thankful to have met my good friend Tina at SEI! She has been an amazing friend to me and I have been touched. I also want to thank my RTA, Ms. Benda who was always helpful and smiled at me.”

Caroline, SEI 2017

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